Cleaning Up After Construction: An FAQ


What’s more exciting than seeing the home of your dreams finally be built upon your own land? What about the thought of finally moving into that new home and enjoying all of the benefits and amenities that you likely had built right into it? Before you can begin making plans to move in, you will want to make sure you have all of your post-construction work taken care of.

Got your own questions about what you need to do to handle post-construction cleanup so you can get ready to move into your newly built home? Compare some of your questions against these common ones to see if you can find an answer.

What does a post-construction cleanup crew even do? A post-construction cleanup crew helps remove debris, dirt, and anything else left behind after a new project, like a home, is constructed. This cleanup process prepares the new dwelling for the homeowners to get moved in, and provides a healthy and safe living space right off the bat.

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Should the construction crew clean up? You can expect that most construction crews will do everything possible to keep as clean as they can, but they will usually always leave something behind – it is simply the nature of construction. They will normally pack up and head to their next job when finished, which is where post-construction assistance can really come in handy.

What does post-construction cleanup consist of? Post-construction cleanup is a long and arduous process that can take several days or even a week or more to finish up completely. It involves indoor and outdoor cleaning, cleaning out HVAC systems, fixtures, and more.

When you’re ready to get a start on your post-construction cleaning so you can get moved into your new home, all you need to do is pick up the phone and ask construction clean up services in Portland OR for their help. In no time at all, you could have the area cleaned up and ready to be moved into, allowing you to finally enjoy your brand new dream home sooner rather than later.