Yes; You Do Have Problem With Abuse Of Substances


Those who say they do not have a problem are usually the ones who do. They have a serious problem. They delude themselves into believing that they do not have a problem with drinking. They’re also the first to say that they’re not guilty of abuse. But after just one glass, you’re already under the influence. And you could be prone to using abusive language. And if it’s against someone you’re supposed to love, that could also be classed as abuse. But those who do acknowledge that they have a problem will be submitting themselves for clinical substance abuse treatment in saint johns, mi.

substance abuse treatment in saint johns, mi

It does not need to start at the point where the patient is at that point of no return. He or she simply cannot go a day without a drink. And by a drink, you might very well be thinking in terms of at least half a bottle of Jack. He or she does not necessarily have to have reached that stage where he or she has now reached that point whereby he or she is now committing crimes, committing him or herself to delinquent forms of behavior in order to get that daily fix. Or is it two fixes a day? Three fixes? You would have to ask a drug addict. Or the clinical therapist. All it needs is just two thick plonks of red to class yourself.

If you cannot begin your evening, after a hard day’s labor, without your two thick glasses of red wine, you could have a drinking problem. After just half a glass of red wine is consumed, your judgment is already impaired. But is it impaired when you have had a smoke? Yes, there is that too.