Addiction and Mental Health: Treated Together?


For some addicts, mental health and a dependency on drugs or alcohol can go hand in hand. Many depressed folks will turn to alcohol or illicit drugs to self-medicate and help take their minds off of things for awhile. If these addicts end up seeking treatment, many folks might wonder how the treatment might work out-which condition would be treated: the addiction, or the depression?

The answer might surprise you, because both of these conditions can actually be treated at one time through a process known as dual diagnosis treatment. This is a treatment style designed by professionals to treat two conditions simultaneously, and the results can be surprising.

In this setup, a dual diagnosis psychiatrist may try to work with patients to find how their mental condition is triggering their addiction. In this way, one condition is treated by thinking about how the patient’s mental state affects their need for drugs or alcohol.

When this is a problem, the psychiatrist may try to work with the patient to come up with healthier ways to deal with their condition than by choosing to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. Not only can this help the addict hopefully kick the unhealthy habits, but it can also help steer them in more positive directions when it comes to how they deal with their condition.

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This is a complex thing that can take several visits with a therapist to really understand and begin to treat, so if you or a loved one are experiencing addiction and mental health conditions, take a second to think about whether the two might be linked. If you think this is a possibility, you or your loved one could be great potential candidates to work with dual diagnosis treatment in mount holly, nj professionals who will be happy to help treat both conditions.